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Watch k8s events with `kubewatch`

Microservices applications are made of many moving parts: scaling deployments, services, ephemeral pods etc.

They are many monitoring solutions already for container based application framework. kubewatch stands out as a light weight alerting system that leverages the Kubernetes API. Check out the GitHub repository and join the fun.

You run kubewatch in your cluster, it communicates directly with the Kubernetes API server and sends notifications to configured handlers every time a resource changes.

The resources that you watch can be configured with a simple configuration file.

Currently kubewatch only handles the notifications to SLACK. You setup a dedicated SLACK channel, and a SLACK API token and kubewatch will send the notifications to that channel for you to see.

Running Kubewatch is as easy as grabbing a ConfigMap and Pod manifest from the repository and kube it :)

$ kubectl create -f kubewatch-configmap.yaml
$ kubectl create -f kubewatch.yaml

Your SLACK channel will soon get populated with your k8s events:

It is yet another small but yet powerful tool for Kubernetes. While only focusing on SLACK, it can be extended to any other system and powered-up with advanced controllers to perform actions based on event triggers.