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Skippbox Youtube Channel for k8s Beginners

If a picture is worth a thousand words, at Skippbox we believe that a quick demo is worth a thousand pictures !

That’s why we started publishing a set of short screencasts to illustrate some key concepts in the container and Kubernetes world. These screencasts are not just here to promote Skippbox software like kmachine and kompose they are intended to highlight some key features of new container technologies that you might use in your new IT arsenal.

And because we know that you are not going to sit in front of your computer for 50 minutes listening to a screencast, we keep our recordings short.

So grab a coffee and stay up to date on our Skippbox channel.

Yesterday we had a big hit with a demo of the Kubernetes dashboard:

But you might want to get started with an introduction to Google Container Engine (GKE):

Then start your first application on Kubernetes:

If you do not want to use GKE to try Kubernetes, our own kmachine will get you started on your local machine or on your favorite cloud provider:

And if you want a real Kubernetes cluster on AWS, you might like our Terraform plan:

For more details on using Kubectl CLI and its contexts feature check:

And finally, if you want to see a quick tour of rkt 1.0.0, this will do:

We will keep adding more, feel free to ping us @skippbox and suggest some screencasts that you would like to see, we will be happy to make one just for you.