The Skippbox team has deep experience and skills in helping organisations with the planning, deployment, operation and efficient use of both Docker & Kubernetes.

Contact us to discuss your container needs in details. We can be reached at for more information.

Our experience and expertise has helped many organisations rapidly increase their speed of innovation by migrating their applications to a container based environment and using container orchestrators like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

Our team are contributors to both the Kubernetes and the Docker projects and work closely with ecosystem partners to bring the best to our customers.

Our lead architect, Sebastien Goasguen, is recognised as a leading authority on infrastructure and distributed applications design, deployment and management. Author of the O’Reilly Docker cookbook, with over 15 years of experience in distributed computing, he was a professor of computer science and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation.

Professional Services

We are able to work with your developers and operational teams to:

  • Plan your container-based environments
  • Use Docker for packaging your applications
  • Create a CI/CD pipeline
  • Deploy Docker Swarm
  • Deploy Kubernetes
  • Develop and operate Kubernetes applications

Technology Selection

We use a number of technologies, proven or state of the art to help deliver value quickly to your organization:

  • Ansible, Terraform
  • Docker engine, rkt
  • All Docker tools
  • Jenkins, TravisCI, CircleCI, Drone
  • Kubernetes
  • Etcd, Consul
  • CoreOS, Atomic

Contact us at for more information.