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Cabin is the first mobile application for managing Kubernetes applications.

It is available free on the Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad. Android support will come shortly.


  • Add k8s clusters with token or basic auth authentication.
  • Swipe left to edit or delete entities
  • Swipe down to refresh lists
  • Mark Nodes as unschedulable
  • Put Nodes in Maintenance mode
  • Remove and add labels
  • Query by labels
  • Create basic deployments with single image
  • Scale deployments
  • Basic rolling update by changing the image only.
  • Expose deployment via a service
  • Access logs in multiple containers
  • Exec commands in containers
  • Set view based on namespaces
  • Configure list of Objects you want to see
  • Access complete YAML of objects
  • Switch services type
  • Edit service ports
  • Open NodePort service in browser

Below is a snapshot.


And for a live demo check this YouTube video, move ahead to 3"10.