Skippbox is a Kubernetes solutions startup that seeks to simplify development and operations of Cloud native applications.

We have decided to create Skippbox based on these beliefs:

  • That cloud native applications are key enablers of new digital business.
  • That they will become the dominant application architecture and that containers will be their bedrock.
  • That cloud native applications should be deployed easily and run in public, private or hybrid cloud environments
  • That Docker currently presents a great user experience (UX) and will become a standard for developers.
  • That Kubernetes provides the answer for production deployment and operations of multi-container cloud native applications and will become a dominant standard
  • That developers will wish to share and easily find existing cloud native applications through a marketplace.

Contact us at info@skippbox.com


Sebastien Goasguen
Nguyen Anh Tu
Chris Baumbauer
Lidia Garces Fernandez
Remi Santos


Kris Buytaert, CTO, Inuits
Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO, CloudSoft
Simon Hayes, SVP Corporate and Business Development, Puppet
Mark Hinkle, VP Marketing, Linux Foundation


Skippbox, Ltd
86 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE